August 7, 2019 Calgary, Alberta (CAN): The 50th Annual Pioneer Acres Show did not disappoint featuring horses, carriages and heritage tools like a grain-grinder. But this year’s hands down hit wasn’t one of the main events, it was a mule named Molly.

This was the fourth year Molly and her owner Joe Jeffray attended the show, aided this year by Jeffray’s friend Charles Pedersen. The show reflects on local heritage, providing visitors with perspective on the difficulties of day-to-day life during the last century. Sure, life then was simpler, certainly physically harder but it was not without its rewards and that’s where Molly steps in or on.

Molly makes ice cream the old fashioned way, with a twist. Jeffrey fashioned an old ice cream churn with a rod which is connected to a treadmill. Molly provides the “horse power” walking on the treadmill to turn the rod which churns the ingredients into a frozen delight.

It seems a win win for everyone. Molly is fed oats as she walks on the treadmill and everyone else is treated to a scoop of old-fashioned ice cream.

Video Courtesy Global News

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