A pair of wily horses have been running loose in Sherill, New York gripping the community with their antics and headlining local news.

A woman agreed to take in three horses for a family that could no longer care for them. When the trio was trailered to their new home, one horse walked into the barn but the other two made a break for it, escaping into the nearby woods.

The escapees, a gelding Hackney named Lightning and a draft-Appy mare named Nutmeg bolt when approached. Unable to catch them, the woman went to Facebook to ask for help.

Help arrives! 20 volunteers, 4 on horseback, attempted to herd the two horses into a temporary pen erected the day before. At one point the riders chased the two toward the pen but as they approached the gate, they dodged and headed back into the woods.

Two women from a nearby stable caught the horses. The community of Sherill collectively exhaled their relief. Their new owner will have them vetted then plans to board them nearby. A happy ending – phew.

Horses evading humans might seem like a funny plot for the Keystone Cops, but it’s actually serious business. We have all experienced horses getting away from us. It’s never expected, they are supposed to dutifully walk alongside us, right? Don’t count on it.

We can never be too careful leading a horse, particularly a horse we don’t know. With an unfamiliar horse, you need to be extra careful – for your safety and theirs. WARHorses’ #1 advice – check that all exit gates are closed and secured, so a loose horse can’t get off the property. Do this one thing and your runaway situation can be nullified quickly.

Fortunately, Lightning and Nutmeg’s week on the run ended safely. Don’t let your horse be the next to headline local news.