Bog Off Pete suffered life threatening injuries last weekend, apparently spooked by a helicopter. Pete was one among a herd of horses owned by the Stead Family. The Stead’s operate a sheep farm near Truro in Cornwall (UK). A neighbor witnessed a low flying helicopter as it hovered over the Stead’s pasture. It wasn’t until the Steads returned from an outing that they discovered Pete.

Marilyn Stead with Bog Off Pete

“The horses panicked and Pete must have been the first to hit the gate,” said Marilyn Stead.

Pete apparently ran into the gate with such force it was bent in half. In the process he was impaled through his cheek and suffered several broken bones.

“He looks healthy at the moment but his injuries are life-threatening,” worries Marilyn.  “I know that no-one would deliberately scare an animal in this way but it does show a level of negligence. What if someone was on the horse at the time? They could have died.”

Pete is being cared for by local veterinarians but his long term prognosis is yet unknown. While he recovers, the Stead family and local authorities are trying to identify the helicopter pilot.

Photography Courtesy Sally Adams