Meet Shiloh, the 8-year-old quarter horse hero of the Volusia County Sheriff Department, Deland, Florida.

On January 16th, Shiloh joined the sheriffs department as they pursued a fugitive. Deputies attempted to pull over a car with a broken tag light when the driver took off. A spike strip was used to disable his car but the driver lit out on foot. Dodging between homes he made for a large open field, unaware of its occupants.
As he made his way across the pasture, three new pursuers joined the chase – Shiloh and his two pasture mates. When the man neared the far fence line, Shiloh made his move, lunging forward as the man flung himself over the fence. The sheriff helicopter pilot caught the chase on infrared providing apt commentary, ‘Jumped over a fence. Horse just chased him down’. News of Shiloh’s deeds quickly spread through town. Local FOX35 News reporter, Tom Johnson, filed this report.

What happened to the man? He was arrested minutes after jumping the pasture fence. Yippy-Kay-Yay Shiloh. Yippy-Kay-Yay.

Video Courtesy FOX35 News

How quickly can you piece together this WARHorses Jigsaw?

“Paso Fino” Photograph by Susan Price