March 11, 2019, Corrigan, TX (USA): Drivers on US-59 were horrified to see a horse struggling to stand in the back of a pick up truck going 70 miles per hour down the expressway Monday morning. The driver photographed holding the saddled horse’s reins through the open back window of the cab.

A Texas trooper pulled over the driver at a Whataburger restaurant. The driver explained this his truck, the one that pulls the horse trailer would not start that morning so he had no choice but to haul the horse to work at the stockyards in the bed of this truck. The driver further explained that his horse is extremely well-trained and worth $15,000.

Troopers reported that the horse safely arrived at the Stockyards. No mention how the horse got home. Police did not issue a citation – no law was broken.

Feature Photo Courtesy: Kerry Green Costello

Then there was this one who thought scaring carriage horses dressed in a T-Rex costume was a good idea.

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