Hans Watzl, 62, fulfilled a big promise to his grandchildren this week – to pick them up from school on horseback. Certainly, a promise requiring careful planning but in this case complicated more when distance is factored. Watzl lives in a village near Nuremberg, Germany but his grandchildren attend school in Münster – 350 miles away (550km).

Watzl rode across Germany, a trek that took four weeks. An avid trail rider, he brought two horses, Solfari and Flüga, who alternated duties as pack and riding horse. Along the way they slept at ranches and riding stations taking every sixth day off to rest.

Hans and Hannes with Solfari, mother Karolin Groth and Esther on Flüga. PC: picture-alliance/dpa/B.Thissen

This past Monday, Watzl, arrived in time to pick up his grandchildren at school. He was met with a big welcome sign and the horses were given apples and carrots by the school children. One loving grandfather giving his grandchildren an unforgettable memory.