Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor, has been busy spring cleaning our forums at Equestrians Anonymous. They are revamped, renovated and ready for some discussion. Tell us all about it Kristen!

Spring cleaning is good for the soul: who doesn’t secretly relish emptying out their tack trunk, sorting through all the mismatched polo wraps and boots, cleaning up and moving on all those weird bits you never use and giving all of your leather goods a thorough oiling to get ready for warmer weather and more riding?

That’s the virtual approach we just took to our forums Equestrians Anonymous: we had a lot of rarely-used odds and ends just hanging out in cyberspace gathering e-dust. We combined some threads, eliminated some bulky forums that we weren’t really using and have tightened up our virtual hangout to make it ready for spring!

Here’s a quick tour to help you find your way around:

Ask Anything: This is the go-to space to have your questions answered or to start a discussion to get some fresh thoughts. Horse tough to bridle? Having trouble picking up your left lead? Why is your horse breaking out in those mysterious hives? What’s the best way to launder a waterproof blanket? There is no such thing as a stupid question, so bounce your musings and queries off of the horse-loving population here.

Brag Board: Because who else in your life appreciates your photos, stories, accomplishments or setbacks better than your fellow equestrians? If your co-workers and family members are really tired of hearing about Star’s latest achievement in your weekly lessons, this is the place to share all the details, photos and videos.

Adult Ammy/Non-Pro Corner: Adult amateurs and non-pros are the backbone of the equestrian industry, and this forum is set up specifically for that population to meet and greet. Having trouble finding that elusive work-life-barn balance? Looking for creative ways to help foot your next show bill? Swap ideas and inspiration here.

WARHorses: Women of Age Riding Horses: Presented in partnership with, this forum is for any equestrian “of age” regardless of riding experience or background. Share stories and get advice from riders like you, whether you’re a professional, enthusiast or just dreaming of riding.

And the best part is — we’re not done! We’ll be adding new boards based on enthusiasm of our readers. If all the OTTB lovers of the world unite and start talking Thoroughbreds, we’ll make a space just for you. Rescue horse owners swapping lots of advice? We’ll make a space just for you. After all, we’re ALL equestrians, and we all deserve a spot to share our passions.

Joining is as easy as picking up the right lead!

  • Click the link “TAKE ME TO THE FORUM!”
  • Register at the top of the Equestrians Anonymous forums: you can either link to an existing Facebook account, or create a new username for yourself
  • Scroll down to the WARHorses forum and take a look
  • Say hello at the Introduce Yourself thread!

It’s that simple! Please join us at WARHorses at Equestrians Anonymous — the reins are in your hands.

Whats Being Discussed?

You are welcome to join any forum discussion but here’s what we’re chatting about on the WARHorses board:
Suggestions Needed for Removing Shedding Hair?
Are You Prepared for an Emergency?
What Are Your Riding Goals?
and much more! See you at the Forum!