In December, Philadelphia, PA, courts ordered the closing of the Philadelphia Carriage Company. The order was determined after inspection of the facility and documentation of poor living conditions being provided for their 8 carriage horses. As of January 1, the company ceased operations under a consent decree with the city.

This week the former city horses are being transported to the countryside. All 8 horses have been granted permanent sanctuary at Gentle Giants, a 501(c)3 non-profit located on a 139-acre farm in Maryland. Gentle Giants specializes in draft horse rescue and is well suited to accept responsibility for the 8 horses. Eventually, the horses will be evaluated to determine if they are suitable for adoption or if they will simply live out their life at the rescue.

“We are grateful that Gentle Giants has agreed to accept these horses into their esteemed program and know that they will receive the high-quality care they deserve,” Vincent Medley, ACCT (Animal Care and Control Team) Philly Executive Director said in a statement.

Gentle Giants rescue in Maryland

Photography Courtesy ACCT Philly and Gentle Giants

This Fella Retired in 2017

Daniel also worked as a carriage horse and earned his retirement in 2017.

Who did Daniel work for? 


WARHorses Royal Mews

Daniel enjoys his first moments of retirement