The Austin Texas Police Mounted Patrol is looking for a new horse, perhaps you have a candidate? Earlier this week they posted a public plea on their Facebook Page.

Ideal Characteristics

  • Gelding
  • Draft, draft/quarter horse cross or large quarter horse
  • Preferably between 15.3 and 16.1
  • 5-8 years old
  • No medical issues
  • Steady disposition
  • Saddle broke
  • Experience with crowds is a bonus

Austin Texas Police Mounted Patrol looking for new horseThe Mounted Patrol Unit works long hours in all types of weather. The work includes patrolling community areas like parks, trails and the entertainment district. The Unit also visits schools, summer camps and businesses to build public safety awareness.

If you have a horse you wish to submit for consideration, please comment on their May 4 post or send a PM through the Mounted Patrol Unit’s Facebook Page.

The Unit also accepts public contributions (tax-deductible) toward the purchase of horses. In fact, if you donate the purchase price for a horse, the unit will name the horse after you and provide you with regular updates on its progress – a ride along of sorts!

For more information about supporting the Mounted Patrol Unit, please contact Officer Tim Atkinson 2554 ( or 512-974-5215).

Photography Courtesy: The Austin Texas Police Mounted Patrol Facebook page.