Justice sues abusive ownerJustice, an 8-year-old horse is suing his previous abusive owner for $100,000 to recover the cost of medical care and its pain and suffering.

Encouraged by a concerned neighbor, Justice’s owner scheduled a vet check for the horse in March 2017. The vet determined that the horse was emaciated, covered with lice and rain rot and suffered from a prolapsed penis, unable to retract because of frostbite. Soon after, the horse was removed from the property and transported for urgent veterinary care and hospitalization.

His owner pled guilty to first-degree animal neglect and agreed to pay restitution, however, she failed to do so by the agreed upon deadline. Justice’s current guardian created a trust to help pay for the horse’s medical needs (surgery for the prolapse) and care for the rest of his life. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is representing Justice in the lawsuit that will ensure that his medical expenses are paid.

If Justice prevails in Oregon’s courts, his case will be the first to establish that animals have legal rights in America’s courts.

Photography Courtesy: Animal Legal Defense Fund