In 2010 the RSPCA rescued a group of neglected Dartmoor ponies from a rural farm in England. Among the group was a filthy, emaciated two-year-old named Roy.

Two-year-old Roy rescued by the RSPCA

Four years later Roy found his forever home with Zara Johnstone-Evans and her six-year-old son Toby. Roy had little training but there was “something about him” the Johnstone-Evans family liked.

Their instincts were right on. Last week, Roy showing under his new name Pumphill Fandango won the Mountain and Moorland Mini championship class at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. He also participated in the Supreme Ridden Showing championship in front of The Queen.

Pumphill Fandango and Toby at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Roy will spend the next few weeks at home where his occasional workouts include lunging and hack outs. Roy, correction, Pumphill Fandango, will return to the show ring in June with hopes of qualifying for the Horse of the Year, HOYS, competition in early October.

Sometimes fairy tales do come true!

Photography Courtesy RSPCA