Horses have been part of the human experience for millenial and still influence our interpretation of the past and our perceptions for the future

She was Stuck In the Mud for a Very Long Time

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She is a wee little thing, about the size of a fox. She lives in North American near what is known today as Wyoming. She is Eohippus, the dawn horse, the primitive horse of the early Eocene era 52 million years ago. There is little ice on the planet. Globally the temperature is even and moderate [...]

How Do You Roll? Western? English? NAKED?

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Lady Godiva the Naked Truth THE TALE Staggering beneath the yoke of oppressive taxes, the medieval residents of Coventry, England, pleaded in vain for relief. Ironically, deliverance would come from the wife of the very lord who scorned their pleas. Lady Godiva repeatedly urged her husband, Leofric, to lessen the people's tax burden, and time and [...]

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