Horses are part of world beyond the barn, they are symbols of power and strength exemplified through art and culture

Get Ready to Impress Your Football Friends!

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Sunday evening is thee highlight of America’s football season – the Super Bowl. The top two teams play one final game to determine who is the best team of the season. We Americans go a little nuts wearing team’s colors, draping team flags off our front porches and if you like beer and hot wings, there’s [...]

Everything You Never Knew You Never Knew About Sleigh Bells

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Originally posted by our friends and content partners, in 2015. Managing Editor, Kristen Kovatch wrote this delightful post delving into our passion for holiday jingle bells. Kristen knows of what she writes, she drives a team of Percherons! We sing about them, decorate our Christmas cards and ugly sweaters with them, and love to hear [...]

The Power of Love

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The Skidi Pawnee lived in Nebraska along the Missouri River from the late 1600-1800’s. The tribe’s rich history was kept in a sacred bundle, an animal skin wrapped around sacred items like an ear of corn or an eagle feather. Each item in the sacred bundle represented a great event which the keeper of the bundle [...]

The World’s Oldest Horse Joke

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Written by Melanie Eberhardt My family has lived in Ohio for many generations. During the height of the Homestead Act,  my great, great grandparents moved to Nebraska.  It was on these beautiful plains that my great, grandfather, Harlan Smith, was born in 1886. It was the era of the horse. Horses were an integral part [...]

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