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WARHorses Product Review – Great Gut from LVPerformance

We WARHorses know that our horses are precious and delicate beings. They appear large and strong but size and strength [...]

I Quid You Not

Today maybe April Fools Day but this post is about a condition that is no laughing matter. I first encountered [...]

Two Horses Buried in Manure Recovering Slowly

March 4, 2020, Massachusetts (USA): It took nearly two hours to dig two neglected horses out of stalls filled with [...]

WARHorses Book Review – “Bound in Flame”

Sent to boarding school to temper her impetuous actions, Letty returns home to Hawaii with a big splash. Leticia Lili’uokalani [...]

WARHorses TIP: Loyalty Cards for Feed

Today’s #WARHorses TIP is one that hits home for many of us - buying feed. Baby’s gotta eat but that [...]

16 Horses Die After Eating Blister Beetles

Recently a Wisconsin horse farm lost 16 horses and more than 100 others showed signs of distress after eating blister [...]

Then the horse said, “pull my finger”

Dear Appy, I'm really good to my horse. Why does she feel the need to fart at the precise moment [...]

Article on Bush Fire Burn Treatments Offered Free of Charge

Equine Veterinary Education (EVE), one of two journals published by the British Equine Veterinary Association, is an online forum which [...]

6 Easy New Year Resolutions for Every WARHorse

New Years is a time to reflect on the previous year and to wipe the slate clean for the new [...]

WARHorses Book Review: The Breath of Horse Crazy

“The thought of horses changes my spirit; inhaling their sweet aroma, fingers pulling softly through silky tail hair, my [...]

Decisions, Decisions: Thoughts for New and Returning Mid-life Riders

By Karen McPeak I worked at a tack store a couple of years ago when a customer, probably in her [...]

Horse Health: Epiglottic Entrapment Took Out the Derby Favorite

Kentucky Derby favorite Omaha Beach scratched just a few days before the big race. Due to a fairly uncommon condition [...]

Safety Tips for Riders Caught in a Lightning Storm

A single bolt of lightning can be hotter than the surface of the sun reaching 1 billion volts of electricity. [...]

WARHorses Book Review – “Ephemeral”

Ephemeral By Andie Andrews Copyright 2017, Andie Andrews Published by Flying Chestnut Press ISBN: 0692936629 Ephemeral is “one part [...]

Why I’m So Thankful for This Ugly, Old Sweatshirt

By Melanie Eberhardt I still don’t know why she gave me this sweatshirt. I’d seen her wear it a number [...]

Broccoli Silk Soup to Chase Away the Cold Weather Chills

I’m so happy we’re officially in Soup Season. Don’t you love soup? And its heartier bro, stew? I got this [...]

This WARHorses’ Childhood Dream Comes True

From the time she was 11, Angela Wood dreamed of riding a horse across America. Over the next few decades, [...]

When Broccoli Met Bacon

It’s still so darn hot out, but after a long day’s work I often want something really savory and delicious. [...]

I LOVE my horse. I HATE math. When Worlds Collide!

Written by Melanie Eberhardt I was born loving horses but math has never been my friend. I just don’t get [...]

Lil Wheat-Free, Lower-Carb Maple Doughnuts

For me, the hardest thing about eating lower carb is the lack of delicious bread. I grew up eating my [...]

Salad’s Bestest Buddy

Greens are so healthy, we should be eating them at every meal. Well, no. But if you’re like me and [...]

My Side of the Mountain

I love a good salad, always have. I wonder how huge of a mountain my lifetime of salads would make. [...]

WARHorses Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Colors for You and Your Horse

"I told you to get me a Hunter Green blanket!" When your horse disapproves of your color [...]

Asparagus, You Look Great. Have You Been Working Out?

Remember when you couldn’t get brussels sprouts everywhere? Back in the olden days, when they might appear in a cafeteria, [...]

23 Reasons to Hate Rats

I was going to write this post as a “guide” to rats in your horse barn--a few tips to help [...]

WARHorses Guide to Adopting a Wild Horse or Burro

The US government has approved a $1.3 trillion spending bill that will allow the government operational funds through September. The [...]

My Friend Fennel

For a long time I wanted to buy fresh fennel at the store because it looked so nice and smelled [...]

WARHorses Book Review – “Horse Sluts”

Horse Sluts: The Saga of Two Women on the Trail of Their Yeehaw by Candace Wade with Penelope Langley [...]

If Life Hands You Lemons, Make Greek Feta Lemon Chicken Soup

By Loraine Fick When you think hearty, delicious simmering soup, you don’t usually think “this will ready in barely more [...]

You’ve Got the (protein) Balls to Ride

By Loraine Fick I love sugar, just love it, but I try not to eat sugar. For one thing, my [...]

11 Benefits of Owning an Old Diesel

Written by Maria Wachter, Contributor HorseNation.com From the proud owner of an old truck named Mr. Pickles. If you have horses, [...]

Can We Get a Few Pockets Here?

Oh, WARHorses, we have a bone to pick with the riding apparel companies! Product Review Written by WARHorses Contributing [...]

6 Reasons Why Old Horses Are the Best Horses

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor HorseNation.com (and draft horse driving enthusiast) for HorseNation.com. Whether you’ve worked with an old schoolmaster [...]

Congress Just Took One Step in the Wrong Direction

The return of horse slaughter plants in the U.S. moved closer to fruition in yesterday’s committee vote. The Appropriations [...]

Horse Treats 101 – Good Choices for Your Good Horse

This past Sunday I worked in the yard. I mowed, weeded, transplanted bee balm, cleaned the barn, scoured the water [...]

Top 10 Things People Need to Stop Saying to Adult Horse Girls

Written by Karlie Mitchell for HorseNation.com Karlie Mitchell is sick and tired of her equestrian lifestyle being treated like something [...]

Advice for WARHorses Interested in Buying a Horse

Alice MacGillivray, PhD, is author of “Riding Horseback in Purple” written for “women of age” who maybe considering horse ownership [...]

The Best “Horse in an Irish Pub Jokes” in the World

WARHorses has conducted an exhaustive search to provide you with the very  best Horse/Irish Pub jokes to entertain your [...]

7 Reasons It Must Kind of Suck to Be a Pony

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor, HorseNation.com, originally posted March 3, 2017. ... In addition to people squealing “PONIEEEEEEEES!” Ponies [...]

Your Horse Prince Awaits!

A WARHorse Product Review I am habitually slow to embrace technology. Only last year did I finally trade in my [...]

Recipe – Cherry Chews for Trail Riders

February is National Snack Food Month as well as National Cherry Month so it’s fitting to post a recipe that [...]

The Struggle Is Real: Breaking In New Tall Boots

Written by Meagan DeLisle and reposted with permission from HorseNation.com. Is there anything as beautiful in this world as a [...]

RECIPE – Stormy’s Turmeric Bikki’s for Horses

Pauline Robertson recently commented on a WARHorse post that she baked turmeric biscuits for her senior horses. Several of you [...]

The Best “Bad” Horse-Halloween Jokes

We've dug around the web to unearthed these horsey/Halloween jokes, certain to tickle the funny bone of every boy and [...]

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Saddle Pads

Written by Contributing Writer, Karen McPeak and Illustrated by WARHorse "Cover Girl", Kathy Duke. I’m getting ready to move to [...]

Five Acres a Day

Written by Melanie Eberhardt I’ve been thinking about my Grandpa today. Born just after the turn of the [...]

Princess Buttercup

2000 Percheron/Belgian X Princess Buttercup is 16 years old and is my wonderful babysitter.  Very careful and deliberate!  Love this [...]

Whats YOUR Falling Off Style?

Written & Illustrated by Melanie Eberhardt I fell off my horse. I hurt. Worse than the pain – I won’t [...]

Know in Advance aka Rosa

2008 Thoroughbred Rosa is a trip. She’s smart, funny, kind, beautiful, and understated. Opinionated but always calm. She’s bold, curious, [...]

I’d Like an Extra Inch or Two

Written by  Contributing Writer, Karen McPeak My thoroughbred mare is 16 hands. Well, almost. She’s nearly 16 hands. Okay, she’s [...]

Glory Hallelujah aka Allie

Appendix Allie is my heart horse.  Allie is my patient teacher.  Allie is my true North. Allie is my therapist.  [...]

Get Out the Kleenex – Care Considerations for Older Horses

Written by Melanie Eberhardt I recently crossed a major threshold and find myself on the north side of 50. I [...]

I Kan Do aka Nettie

1990 - 2015 Polish Arabian My lovely, precious gem. You are a treasured beauty to admire and behold. Quiet, patient [...]

Lynn’s Vision aka Bubba

2005 - 2014 Thoroughbred - OTTB Plain and brown. Small and very very smart. Patient, willing, bold, inspirational, fearless, considerate, [...]


1987 - 2014 Polish Arabian My wonderful horse, Kain. He was the happiest, kindest soul on earth. He never once [...]