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Princess Buttercup

2000 Percheron/Belgian X Princess Buttercup is 16 years old and is my wonderful babysitter.  Very careful and deliberate!  Love this [...]

Know in Advance aka Rosa

2008 Thoroughbred Rosa is a trip. She’s smart, funny, kind, beautiful, and understated. Opinionated but always calm. She’s bold, curious, [...]

Glory Hallelujah aka Allie

Appendix Allie is my heart horse.  Allie is my patient teacher.  Allie is my true North. Allie is my therapist.  [...]

I Kan Do aka Nettie

1990 - 2015 Polish Arabian My lovely, precious gem. You are a treasured beauty to admire and behold. Quiet, patient [...]

Lynn’s Vision aka Bubba

2005 - 2014 Thoroughbred - OTTB Plain and brown. Small and very very smart. Patient, willing, bold, inspirational, fearless, considerate, [...]


1987 - 2014 Polish Arabian My wonderful horse, Kain. He was the happiest, kindest soul on earth. He never once [...]

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