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Two Horses Buried in Manure Recovering Slowly

March 4, 2020, Massachusetts (USA): It took nearly two hours to dig two neglected horses out of stalls filled with [...]

One-Eyed Race Horse Retired to Old Friends

January 20, 2020, Georgetown, KY (USA): - Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement facility based in Georgetown, KY., today welcomed 2017 [...]

Six Horses Survive Inhumane Massacre

January 14, 2020, Eastern Kentucky (USA): In late December, a pregnant mare and her yearly colt were found unharmed near [...]

Article on Bush Fire Burn Treatments Offered Free of Charge

Equine Veterinary Education (EVE), one of two journals published by the British Equine Veterinary Association, is an online forum which [...]

The Cleveland Bay Horse Makes History at Colonial Williamsburg

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, are transported back in time to America’s 18th century capital. The town is a living [...]

A Horse Named Lady Wonder – Genius? Psychic? Hoax?

She was a national phenom. More than 150,000 people traveled to Richmond, Virginia to meet her in person. By 1927 [...]

Secretariat’s Progeny and 30 YO Daughter

I enjoy the occasional story that pops up on the internet when someone discovers they have a son or daughter [...]

You’re Fired! UK’s First Guide Horse Loses Job

Digby, an American Miniature horse, is Britain’s first recognized guide horse (WARHorses has written about Digby before). Trained by Katy [...]

U.S. Forest Service Roundup Offers Devils Garden Wild Horses for Adoption

The first round up in 13 years will begin today, October 10, inside California’s Modoc National Forest. The wild horses [...]

Metro Meteor the Acclaimed Painting Horse

Metro Meteor (2003 - 2018) was a fierce competitor at the track winning 8 turf sprints and earning $300,000. After [...]

Digby – Guiding the UK to New Realms

Mohammed Salim Patel is a journalist for the BBC. The 23-year-old has a degenerative eye condition, retinitis pigmentosa, and needs [...]

Honoring Black Jack

Black Jack was a feisty 15.1 hand black Morgan/Quarter horse cross born in Kansas in 1947. He was purchased by [...]

This Horse Ain’t a Horse

The old horse skull sat on a shelf at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County for decades. Originally [...]

Australia’s 2017 Racing Hall of Fame Inductees – Light Fingers and Saintly

Light Fingers Le Filou x Cuddlesome Her sire was, Le Filou, which in French means “pickpocket” or “thief”.  Her pedigree [...]

Meet Bucking Champion Virgil

John McNeely, 53, has been raising bucking horses on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana since high school.  One of his [...]

Missouri’s Wild Horses Have a People Problem

Visitors entering state or national parks are warned to stay away from the wild animals – don’t pet them, don’t [...]

6 Truths About Owning Mules

Written by Maria Wachter, Contributor HorseNation.com Mules: 50% horse, 50% donkey, 150% themselves Mules are a lot like horses: after [...]

The Prized Paso Fino

Recently a friend called and asked if I wanted to go to a local Paso Fino show. Not knowing much [...]

Your Horse’s Fear of Puddles Turns Out to be Dead Right

Okay, you win this one, Sprinkles. But I’m sticking to my guns on leaves and plastic bags. We’ve all been [...]

Celebrating Ruffian

“As God is my judge, she might be better than Secretariat…” (Lucien Laurin, Secretariat’s trainer, quoted in the Blood [...]

SHE won the first Belmont Stakes – Ruthless

She was owned and bred by Francis Morris of New York, foaled on Morris’s farm in Throgg’s Neck, New York. [...]

Twins Beating the Odds

The odds of twin foals surviving is 1 in 10,000. It is certainly uncommon but HOW rare? For perspective, the [...]

Mother’s Day

In its most elemental definition motherhood is the bearing of offspring. Motherhood is much more, the instinct to nurture even [...]

Dancer’s Image Won the Derby then Lost the Derby

In 1968 Dancer’s Image won the Kentucky Derby by 1 ½ lengths guided by jockey, Bobby Ussery. Three days later [...]

The Easter Bunny’s “Horse Cousin”

They look like BIG bunnies but we can attest that they are pure genus equus – meet the Poitou donkey. [...]

A Tale of Three Twinkies

April 6, 2017 is National Hostess Twinkies Day, a salute to the cream filled cake invented in Illinois in 1930. [...]


Man O’ War was born 100 years ago today, March 29, 1917. Unquestionably the greatest Thoroughbred through his accomplishments on [...]

Coon Jumping into Spring

Today is the first day of spring and we can't think of a better story to feature than one about [...]

A Toast to Ireland’s Horses

Horses arrived in Ireland before it became an island. Horses migrated west from the Asian steppes across Europe and into [...]


Being a shepherd in northern Italy is a centuries old occupation. Roaming herds of sheep have traditionally been tended by [...]

Horses Make a Big Splash with Harvest

When we think of farming with horses, we immediately imagine a team pulling a large hoe through the ground, back [...]

Houston. We’ve Got a Problem!

...And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. I [...]

A Holiday Miracle in the Stable

The holidays are imbued with wonder and surprise. Last year Jenni and Guy Benson, warm blood owners/breeders of Saratoga Studs [...]

The Most “Bear-able” Friendship!

May 2013 a small bay foal was born at the Dartmoor National Park and rejected by his mother. A concerned [...]

This Christmas Mini Makes Big Bucks for Charity

Tinker is a miniature horse but during the holidays he becomes a giant – a giant among the Salvation Army’s [...]

Dodging a Knock Out Punch

Britain’s oldest native breed horse is more endangered than China’s giant panda or the Siberian tiger. Only 300 Suffolk Punches [...]

Birthday Magic

Today is someone’s birthday and it’s a very special birthday indeed. Today (June 15, 2016) Magic turns 47 years old [...]

Boneco is the Bees Knees of Burros

There are over 100 beekeepers in the the rural town of Itatira in the Brazilian state of Ceará. The region [...]

Honoring a Remarkable Korean WARHorse

It has been nearly 50 years since Sergeant Reckless passed away yet we still honor her service as a United [...]