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The Enduring Equestrian Engravings of Albrecht Durer

Unless you’ve studied a bit of art history you’ve probably never heard of him but he was a successful artist [...]

Van Gogh’s Post-Impressionistic and Most-Impressionistic Equines

He is the tragic genius who painted sunflowers and starry nights like no one before him. One would be hard [...]

Did You Know Dr. Seuss Wrote a Book About Naked Women and Horses?

Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss Who hasn’t read “The Cat in the Hat” or “Horton Hears [...]

Coin Operated Horse Gets a Reboot

Vidler’s 5 & 10 in East Aurora, New York purchased the coin operated horse in 1962, over the years, Sandy [...]

WARHorses’ Favorite Posts from “Ask the Past”

"Ask the Past" is a terrifically zany blog for bibliophiles. Drawing wisdom from antique texts, each post imparts strange advice [...]

A New Perspective Under-Horse

Those rooftop footsteps overhead may not belong to Santa and his reindeer… …for Andrius Burba the source is more [...]

Happy Birthday Toulouse Lautrec – An Artist Who Loved Horses

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec was born November 24, 1864 in southern France to an aristocratic family. When his parents separated, [...]

O’Keeffe’s Horse Skulls

Skeletons are scary, especially on Halloween when they’re most likely to chase you down a dark street - clackity clack. [...]

Demented Soul Takes a Hungry Horse’s Ears

How do we wrap our heads around the crazy actions of truly twisted individuals? Sure, it takes all kinds to [...]

A Taxidermy Tribute to the Horses We Love

When faced with the inevitable most of us decide between burial and cremation for our beloved horses. For some however [...]

Not Just for Identification – Horse Tattoos

For centuries, horses were branded with a hot iron to identify ownership. In 1947 horse racing authorities embraced tattooing. Regulations [...]

Guess You Better Slow Your Mustang Down – NOT!

On this day in 1964 America’s automotive industry won the hearts of horse lovers. There’s something intrinsically romantic about wild [...]

An Irish Tale – Oisin and Naimh and the Magical Horse They Rode

The fabled paradise island of Tír na nÓg is said to be located off of the west coast of Ireland. [...]

Get Ready to Impress Your Football Friends!

Sunday evening is thee highlight of America’s football season – the Super Bowl. The top two teams play one final [...]

Everything You Never Knew You Never Knew About Sleigh Bells

Originally posted by our friends and content partners, HorseNation.com in 2015. Managing Editor, Kristen Kovatch wrote this delightful post delving [...]

The Power of Love

The Skidi Pawnee lived in Nebraska along the Missouri River from the late 1600-1800’s. The tribe’s rich history was kept [...]

How Do You Groom a 200 Year Old WARHorse?

...very, very carefully. Napoleon Bonaparte didn’t ride a horse until military duties required it. He was a bad rider regardless, [...]

The World’s Oldest Horse Joke

Written by Melanie Eberhardt My family has lived in Ohio for many generations. During the height of the Homestead Act,  [...]