Focus on This and Your Riding Will Improve

Often riders rely on physical/core strength to ride. Yet, is more muscle really what is needed to ride effortlessly? Or rather, is it the coordination [...]

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How Mindful We Are – NOT

It was possible, I thought, that such distractedness arose from some evolutionary necessity. But I could not figure out how such fractured focus would have [...]

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Ride and Breathe at the Same Time

There are many reasons for the breath to be free while riding. One is that you stay connected to your parasympathic nervous system – that [...]

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What Did You Call My Horse?

Our barn visitor offered her comments good-naturedly, but still I bristled. She had chuckled at one or another of Corazon’s antics and then called him [...]

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Space for Improved Training

If my horse, Corazon, wore a Fitbit, or other daily activity tracker that have become popular devices for people aiming to more active lifestyles, I [...]

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Its All in Your Hips

If riding were easy it wouldn’t be an Olympic sport.  Two brains, two personalities, a million moving parts, and gravity – where do you begin [...]

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Gallop to Better Training

Here we go galloping - gulp. I tried to work up the nerve to let the reins out another inch or two as we cantered [...]

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Our Horses Sometimes Send Us On Unexpected Paths

Written by Alice MacGillivray, PhD. In my work world, managers often believe you can plan everything.  And if things don’t go as planned, then you [...]

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WARHorses Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Colors for You and Your Horse

"I told you to get me a Hunter Green blanket!" When your horse disapproves of your color choice, you’ll know it. Choosing [...]

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Here We Grow Again

It never gets old. Maybe it owes to some obsessive wiring I have, but I could find satisfaction schooling shoulder-in every day. The finesse and [...]

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You Can Improve Your Riding While NOT Riding

When you have learned off your horse how your hips and mid-section coordinate you transfer this learning, this improvement, right into the saddle. Do [...]

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The Sandwich Lope

When Western Dressage first established itself, we instructors struggled to describe the requirements of a “working lope” clearly enough for students. We wanted to be [...]

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Walking Ground Poles

Modern science explains something the old school masters already knew For years, they sat on one end of our indoor arena—five ground poles anchored [...]

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How to Find the Perfect Horse

Professionial trainer, Jec Ballou found her perfect horse in a horse that isn’t perfect. What is the perfect horse? We trainers should have the [...]

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