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WARHorses is a community of horse enthusiasts. We are mostly women but men are welcome. We are a bit “older” but we encourage horse lovers of any age to join us. Some of us grew up with horses and others never had one. Regardless, we all have a lifetime passion for them. In the past, life’s responsibilities, family and careers, have tempered our horse time, but now we strive to make up for lost time. We maybe driven to compete at shows or we maybe content to comb out a tangled mane. We find pleasure riding along a wooded trail as much as picking clean our horse’s stall. We will make time for horses in our lives, we need it, horses are part of our DNA. We are passionate, we are spirited, we are wonderful, we are WARHorses. Please join us!

  • Information. We strive to assimilate and originate helpful information for “older” equestrians. We’re don’t bounce as well as we used to, and that’s ok, we’re here to offer instruction.
  • Inspiration. There are many ways to enjoy horses, we offer options then encourage you to find the means that best suits your needs. We will be cheering you on!
  • Laughs. You need a good sense of humor if you spend any amount of time around horses. We prefer laughing to crying!


Melanie Eberhardt
Melanie EberhardtFounder
Melanie has a lifelong love of all things horsey. Her inspiration for WARHorses was driven by an absense of online content for “older equestrians”. An advid painter and creator of NickerDoodles Equine Funnies for Horsey Folk, she enjoys a creative lifestyle. Melanie lives on a small hobby farm and tends to her critters and attempts to keep the grass mowed.
Karen McPeak
Karen McPeakEditor
Karen McPeak is a freelance writer, editor and WARHorse equestrian in the Atlanta area. Her partner is a young OTTB gelding she fondly refers to as a juvenile delinquent.

WARHorses welcomes writing submissions from authors and bloggers.
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Jec Ballou provides dressage based training for riders and horses. An advocate for developing healthy movement through cross training, her training philosophy embraces patience and perseverance through simple, fun and varied steps. In addition to training, Jec is a popular clinician and speaker at equestrian events and an award-winning author penning, “101 Dressage Exercises for Horses & Rider” and “101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider”. Visit Jec’s website (http://www.jecballou.com) for information on training, upcoming clinics or to purchase one of her books.

Heather Beachum supports women riders create the brain-body connection for effortless movement and riding so they can step out with long swinging strides on the trail or in the arena.  She is a lifelong equestrian who brings her training as a Feldenkrais® movement teacher to her online students.  Her dedication has helped hundreds of women around the world create a positive cycle of balance and relaxation for endless confidence in the saddle.  When she is not teaching or inspiring her active FB followers, Heather maybe spotted galloping across the pasture on her horse Weston. Go here to learn more about Riding for Women visit the website (https://www.ridingforwomen.com).

Appy is a mare of indeterminate breeding in her mid-teens who has schooled more than a few humans in the fine art of horsemanship, and counseled innumerable equine friends in navigating human complexity and unpredictability.


Alice MacGillivray, PhD
Alice is the author of “Riding Horseback in Purple” written to help “women of age” connect with the horses they love. An expert in adult learning and leadership, Alice’s posts will help readers explore the joys and responsibilities of horse ownership.  Alice’s Norwegian Fjord, Bocina, is featured on the book’s cover.  She got Bocina—her first horse—in her 50s.

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WARHorses is dedicated to providing the best content for “women of age riding horses”. To do so, we collaborate with other publishers and member driven groups that service our demographic. We are thrilled to share stories with and support the good work of our WARHorses Content Partners.