Many of you have asked how you can help our horse friends in Texas and Louisianna. Listed below are several options with direct links to donation pages. Thank you in advance for any amount you are able to give.

Houston SPCA: These are the amazing, seemingly tireless folks knee deep in water 24/7 rescuing and caring for pets, livestock and wildlife. Their work continues beyond the immediate emergencies rescues. There will be overwhelming numbers of animals held while their owners re-establish their homes, others that will be permanently displaced, to be transported, in need of treatment and rehabilitation for months to come.


United States Equestrian Federation Equine Disaster Relief Fund: Developed in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund was formed to help ensure the safety and well-being of horses during trying times. Since its inception, over $370,000 has been donated to aid horses across all breeds in disaster-related situations. All money donated to the fund is strictly used to benefit horses and horse owners, and the USEF will be working with the Houston SPCA to help animals that have been displaced.


American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation Equine Disaster Relief Fund: The AAEP Foundation will work with agencies and veterinary members in Texas, Louisiana, and other affected states to identify the needs of the equine community. The Foundation will work to support local agencies and rescues with providing logistics and supplies.


WARHorses Hurricane Harvey

Photo Credit: Houston SPCA

Check with your local horse rescue group: These groups do not work in isolation, they network between themselves and law enforcement helping animals across the country.  Here in Atlanta one of our local rescues, Save the Horses, has established several receiving locations for animal supplies. Tuesday they will load the horse trailers and head to Houston coordinating with the Salvation Army and National Guard.

Contribute to WARHorses gofundme page: We’ve never set up a gofundme page before, the time seems right. We hope to collectively raise $1000 through our community to distribute to one or more organization helping Houston/Louisiana’s horses. (We’ll post on FB to tell you how funds were distributed).


Photography Courtesy the Texas Animal Health Comission, the AAEP and the Houston SPCA