Each month WARHorses will post our favorite equestrian videos, treasures we find and share with the hope that they will make you feel good. This month’s collection focuses on INSPIRATION – people who go about their days quietly, routinely, unassumingly but are in fact accomplishing feats that give all of us hope.

Their Combined Age is 114 Years Old & They Totally Kick Ass

Our first video dates from 2012 but it is timeless. Shay-Lee Hadley’s 91-year-old grandmother riding 23-year-old, Captain, in a barrel race. A race they won!

Any Day that Starts like This is Gonna be a GREAT Day!

This lovely video is courtesy Road’s End Farm, Chesterfield, New Hampshire (USA).  A beautiful clip featuring horses galloping across a frosted meadow one early winter morning. Be sure to have the sound on for this one.

When You Love What You Do, Keep at It

Jamaican UPS driver and part-time horse trainer, Gaston Grant, 54, was given a free race horse – a big, bossy colt that no one else wanted. On April 8, 2017, Green Gratto won the Carter Handicap. The $400,000 purse put his earnings over the million mark.

Partners, Pure & Simple

Our final video is a bit long at 5 + minutes but we promise every second is to be treasured. Aptly titled “How an old man saddles and bridles and mounts his horse”, it is a quiet portrait of communication and love. These two are priceless!
Posted by Lloyd T Umfleet at LUR Ranch in Texas (2014).

Do you have a favorite video? Comment below and include the link. Perhaps we’ll share it in our next collection of WARHorses Videos!