6 Truths About Owning Mules

October 4th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , |

Written by Maria Wachter, Contributor HorseNation.com Mules: 50% horse, 50% donkey, 150% themselves Mules are a lot like horses: after all their momma (or daddy, if you have a hinny) was one. They also are a lot different from horses. They are all unique and have their own personalities but there are a few things that [...]

6 Reasons Why Old Horses Are the Best Horses

August 24th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , |

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor HorseNation.com (and draft horse driving enthusiast) for HorseNation.com. Whether you’ve worked with an old schoolmaster or have a pasture full of retirees at home, old horses find a way to weave themselves into our hearts forever. I’ve been lucky in my horse life to have worked with the full range of [...]

Your Horse’s Fear of Puddles Turns Out to be Dead Right

August 1st, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , |

Okay, you win this one, Sprinkles. But I’m sticking to my guns on leaves and plastic bags. We’ve all been there. It’s been raining cats and dogs, but the clouds have parted enough to squeeze in a 20 minute ride, and you don’t care how much mud you’ll have to curry off or how much laundry [...]

Household Cavalry Musical Ride

July 6th, 2017|Categories: News|Tags: , |

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor, HorseNation.com. Originally published June 28, 2017. This drone-filmed time lapse of the Household Cavalry's musical ride at Combermere Barracks in Windsor shows you a masterful drill team performance like you've never seen before! The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment is perhaps one of the most high-profile mounted units in the world, [...]

Equestrian Sports You’ve Never Heard of – Pack Burro Racing

June 8th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , , , , |

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor, HorseNation.com and intrepid driver of Percherons. Originally published June 6, 2017.  Part marathon, part in-hand endurance racing, 100% awesome. It’s an official Colorado summer heritage sport. It has a Triple Crown. It has its own “ass-ociation” (its phrasing, not mine) and members and by-laws. It’s pack burro racing, and it [...]

Top 10 Things People Need to Stop Saying to Adult Horse Girls

April 20th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , |

Written by Karlie Mitchell for HorseNation.com Karlie Mitchell is sick and tired of her equestrian lifestyle being treated like something she’s supposed to grow out of. Any #WARHorse can give testimony that these questions are still regularly served up well into our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Karlie Mitchell hanging out with a friend [...]

Equestrians Anonymous: Check Out Our Revamped Forums

April 11th, 2017|Categories: News|Tags: , , , |

Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor HorseNation.com, has been busy spring cleaning our forums at Equestrians Anonymous. They are revamped, renovated and ready for some discussion. Tell us all about it Kristen! Spring cleaning is good for the soul: who doesn’t secretly relish emptying out their tack trunk, sorting through all the mismatched polo wraps and boots, cleaning [...]

7 Reasons It Must Kind of Suck to Be a Pony

March 10th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , |

Written by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor, HorseNation.com, originally posted March 3, 2017. ... In addition to people squealing “PONIEEEEEEEES!” Ponies should never be underestimated — they may be a bit shorter than horses, yes, but they are just as athletic, capable and talented. In fact, one might argue they are more athletic, capable and talented, especially [...]

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere – Haru Urara

February 21st, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , , , |

Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor HorseNation.com, has a knack for finding great stories. Today she introduces us to Japan’s beloved loser, Haru Urara, the TB who saved a struggling race track by never winning a race. The horse world is familiar with the story of Seabiscuit: a scrappy little mud-colored horse who had floundered around in the [...]

The Struggle Is Real: Breaking In New Tall Boots

February 6th, 2017|Categories: Features|Tags: , , , |

Written by Meagan DeLisle and reposted with permission from HorseNation.com. Is there anything as beautiful in this world as a newly unboxed pair of tall boots? A few things might run a close race, but I was awestruck as I opened the lid of the box containing my gorgeous new Ariat Heritage Contours. The pristine new [...]