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Man O’ War was born 100 years ago today, March 29, 1917. Unquestionably the greatest Thoroughbred through his accomplishments on the track and as a stud. A century later “Big Red” remains the benchmark by which all American thoroughbreds are measured. He was a bold chestnut, 16’2 ½ hands, with one of the longest strides measured [...]

Sailor’s Lives Depended on Mare’s Tails

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'MARE’S TAILS and MACKEREL SCALES make tall ships carry low sails' Ancient travelers new this phrase well, it was a warning heeded by sailors throughout the ages. But the mackerel scales referred to are not fishy ones, and nor do the mare's tails anything to do with horses. Both, in fact, are nicknames for clouds. Mare's [...]

An Irish Tale – Oisin and Naimh and the Magical Horse They Rode

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The fabled paradise island of Tír na nÓg is said to be located off of the west coast of Ireland. Tír na nÓg is the land of perpetual youth, a land where time stands still. In legend, those who live on the island never grow old, never get sick and never know sorrow. The island is [...]

Irish Horse Bling Flung Far Far Away

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In the summer of 2016, a man with a metal detector discovered a particularly well-preserved object in a field in Norway. The 1200-year-old bronze ornament, a fitting from a horse harness, was most certainly of Celtic origins. Which begs the question how did an Irish do-dad end up in a faraway field in Norway? Researchers surmise [...]

She Made a Big Splash in Atlantic City

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She was born in Waycross, Georgia in 1904, one of six kids. When she was 20 her mother saw a job posting in the local paper;  Wanted: Attractive young woman who can swim and dive. Likes horses, desires to travel. See Dr. W.F. Carver, Savannah Hotel. She applied and got the job, a job that changed [...]

Hello Dolly! Cloning Marks a Big Anniversary

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Her birth stimulated the science community to learn more about stem-cell research which has lead to many scientific and medical breakthroughs. Two decades later the birth of a cloned mammal no longer makes headline news but the technology behind [...]

An Epic Tale of Poo

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How do you track an army, an enormous army comprised of 30,000 men, 15,000 horses and 37 elephants that crossed a snowy mountain range 2200 years ago? The answer just may lie at your feet. HANNIBAL’S EXCURSION Hannibal Barca lived in the Mediterranean when the Roman empire reigned supreme (BC). Considered one of the greatest commanders [...]

Equestrian Sculptures Reflect Humanity

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In art the horse figure exudes a particular aesthetic of power and conquest – terms intricately linked to man’s achievements. "Lapidarium, Waiting for the Barbarians," is a public art installation which features imposing figures of horses. The works created by Mexican artist, Gustavo Aceves will be traveling the world through 2018. Hopefully you will have a [...]

Horse Show Honors WARHorse Chetak

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Since 1992 the Chetak Horse Society has held the Haldeighati Horse Fair in Rajsamand India. The annual fair pays tribute to, Chetak, the much adored WARHorse of the Majarana Pratap ruler of Mewar in the late 1500s. This year’s event was held January 19th. Prizes were awarded to owners of winning horses at dressage, jumping and [...]

Changing the Reins of Power

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On January 20th, the new President of the United States will take office. The transfer of power takes place in Washington, DC where the President is sworn into office on the steps of the Capital Building. There are many celebrations during the day including the traditional Inaugural Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. Over 3,000 organizations applied to [...]