WARHorses Needs Your Support

WARHorses is a community dedicated to informing and inspiring women “of age” with a passion for horses. Launched in 2015 with a Facebook page, WARHorses found its legs in 2016 and a lot of great things happened.

  • We launched our website womenofageridinghorses.com writing more than 80 posts drawing 53,000 visitors in 6 months
  • Went Viral on Facebook several times reaching over 2 million people
  • Expanded our Social Media presence beyond Facebook to include Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram
  • Partnered with Equestrians Anonymous (Horsenation.com) with a dedicated WARHorses discussion board

We’ve made a lot of new horse friends, received a lot of great suggestions and are inspired by your positive feedback. We are proud of last year’s achievements. But want you to know – we are just getting started!

Our “to do” list for 2017 is challenging. We will be expanding our content coverage, with more stories, more interviews, more information. We will be launching programs to develop our community into a meaningful global network providing opportunities for members to impact and guide our community’s efforts. And we need your help, your modest financial support helps offset cost necessary to achieve our goals. Please consider supporting WARHorses.

We have 2 affordable options for your consideration.

100% of your contribution is applied toward two specific endeavors.

1) to improve and expand our website with broader topics, more in-depth stories and more inspirational interviews.

2) to invest toward community development. We have a great group and plan to introduce ways for us to more easily engage one on one.

Your support helps us develop new community programs and expand content offerings. In appreciate, your name or business name will be listed on the WARHorses website

  • A. Smith, Colorado (USA)
  • The Smith Family, Berlin (GER)
  • Happy Trails Riding Team, Montreal (CAN)

WARHorses is an open forum, there are no dues, no membership forms, our FB page is not closed, the content on our website does not require a subscription. Accessibility to WARHorses will always be open and free to any person who finds a connection with our mission.

If you’re ready to show your support – SHOP in our STORE. Thank you!


*note: WARHorses is not a non-profit organization; your support is not tax deductible.

Thank You Supporters

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