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Health & Wellness


Katherine Jansen of Shepherd’s Knoll Farm

Life Coach – Author – Shepherd
Helping Women Navigate Life’s Challenges

Katherine Jansen is a certified life coach, a children’s inspirational book author, a devoted mother, and a self-proclaimed “sheep midwife.” For two decades she has counseled and coached women all over the world, in many settings, and now loves serving clients on her relaxed, soulful farm. At Shepherd’s Knoll Farm, Katherine brings her talents and gifts together under one roof.

Katherine coaches women in need of support with significant life changes and challenges like divorce, grief and loss, family relationship challenges, and relocation. She supports her clients while helping them identify their goals and taking the steps to reach them. Sessions are held by phone or in person with the beautiful backdrop of Shepherd’s Knoll Farm.

A mother of six, Katherine loves time with her family, enjoying her sheep and other animals on the farm, and spinning yarn. She is passionate about supporting women in living their dreams!

For more information about Katherine or the farm, to schedule a session, or to check out her life coaching books for little ones, visit www.shepherdsknoll.farm. To contact Katherine please email at: katherine@shepherdsknoll.farm. Her fee is only $65/hour.