Weather’s Whimsy Reminds Us of Horses

Residents of the east coast of the US are preparing for another blast of winter - the fourth blizzard in March. Snow, ice, flooding, power [...]

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Ride the Retro Wave – My Little Pony is Back

They trotted into our lives in 1983 and now they’re back. My Little Pony, the ultimate diminutive pony collectible, returns to celebrate its 35th anniversary. [...]

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The Queen’s Astonishing Race Winnings

Many families cherish tradition, passing along great grandma’s wedding china or the helmet worn by great, great granddaddy during WW1. If you happen to be [...]

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Pfft – Dog Days Don’t Drag This Draft Down

Britain’s oldest surviving breed tilled the soil that fed a nation for centuries. Times have changed, today the critically endangered Suffolk Punch is looking for [...]

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Girls Save Dad’s Life with a Lead Rope

When Colin Bailey severed his right arm trying to attach a horse trailer to the car, he thought he was a goner. His 12-year-old daughter, [...]

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Protection Pending for Colorado’s Police Horses

Colorado is one step closer to protecting the state’s police horses. Last week, House Bill 1041 passed the House of Chambers unanimously. Representative, Marc Catlin [...]

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Foal Patrol Announcement

For those who haven’t heard of FOAL PATROL, it is a collective of live web cams following several expecting Thoroughbred mares, read more. OK, explanation [...]

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Cape Town is Nearly Out of Water

Cape Town, South Africa has a water problem or more precisely a lack of water problem. The city is expected to run out of water [...]

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Jousting Competition Proves Fatal for One Noble Steed

Americans have always been fascinated by the Renaissance. Since the 1960’s Renaissance Festivals have flourished, providing a venue for attendees to “get into character” and [...]

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Horses Thwart Agricultural Thieves in France

Gone are the days when horses worked France’s countryside pulling a plow, now they are an effective deterrent to agricultural thieves. Over the last decade, [...]

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Pope Comforts Fallen Mounted Policewoman

During a visit yesterday to Iquique, Chile, Pope Francis ordered his popemobile to stop after a mounted Chilean policewoman, Ana Belen Aguilera Casas, was thrown [...]

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Ben’s Cat Keeps Winning Posthumously

The Secretariat’s Vox Populi Award, recognizes a Thoroughbred that has achieved both an impressive racing record but is also popular with the public. Created in [...]

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Court Forces Closure – Carriage Horses Retired

In December, Philadelphia, PA, courts ordered the closing of the Philadelphia Carriage Company. The order was determined after inspection of the facility and documentation of [...]

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Icy Rescues for Two Lucky Horses

It’s a phenomenon of winter weather – horses falling into frozen ponds. Two recent incidents remind us to fortify our fence lines and perhaps utilize [...]

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