Now Boarding Passenger’s With Minis

Southwest Airlines announced their updated policy on service animals on their flights and that includes miniature horses. The policy changes were developed from customer and [...]

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Hawaii’s Wild Horses Are Dying

A mysterious illness is killing the wild horses of Waipio Valley, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Struggling horses were first spotted in June. Initially, [...]

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Everybody Loves Raymond the Mule

Folks familiar with the wild horses of North Carolina’s Outer Banks are over the moon. Raymond, the last mule living among the coastal herds and [...]

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British Dressage Overturns Mule Ban

Mules are now welcome to compete in British Dressage thanks to Wallace the Great. Wallace, an 11 year old rescued mule, was recently banned from [...]

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Mini’s Instincts Saved Her Life

Any disaster is terrifying. There is seldom time to consider options, decisions must often be made in the moment. Those decisions often mean the difference [...]

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War Horse Memorial Unveiled

Her name is Poppy – a name chosen in a nationwide contest by the Guides and Brownies. The War Horse memorial was unveiled June 6 [...]

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This Weekend New York is All About Queens and Crowns

Winning one of this weekend’s races at Belmont Park (NY) would be a dream come true for anyone including a couple of queens who have [...]

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Meet the Royal steeds leading tomorrow’s Royal wedding

In case you haven’t yet heard, there is a Royal wedding tomorrow, May 19. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry and the world will [...]

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Austin Police Want to DRAFT Your Horse

The Austin Texas Police Mounted Patrol is looking for a new horse, perhaps you have a candidate? Earlier this week they posted a public plea [...]

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Abused Horse Sues Former Owner

Justice, an 8-year-old horse is suing his previous abusive owner for $100,000 to recover the cost of medical care and its pain and suffering. Encouraged [...]

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The Royal Wedding Carriage

Officials announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen an open topped Ascot Landau to use in their wedding procession. Immediately following the ceremony, [...]

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Horse Used as Patsy by Russian Criminal

Video at a public sauna in Novocherkask, Russia captured a bizarre incident. Someone wearing a horse-face mask, dreadlocks and a Rastafarian style wool cap broke [...]

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Carlton & United Breweries’ Clydies Retire

Like Budweiser Beer in the U.S., Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) in Australia also has a famous team of Clydesdale horses. However, after 65 years [...]

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Winx Wins 24 in a Row!

Making a determined run at the stretch, Winx won her 24th race in a row, The Agency George Ryder Stakes (G1) this past weekend.  The [...]

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