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We are a community of like-minded, horse lovin’, women of age. Member Posts is dedicated to sharing YOUR stories. Everyone who spends time around horses has at least one good story to share (probably hundreds). Maybe a funny anecdote – that time my horse stopped in the middle of a lesson to watch a butterfly pass by. Perhaps you have a good piece of advice to share – don’t wrap the lead rope around your wrist. Perhaps you have a well-deserved brag – the first time  you got back on your horse after a bad fall. Maybe you recently moved to a new barn? Redid your pasture fencing and painted it purple? Have a neat trick to quickly roll leg wraps? An organic recipe to clean poop stains off grey horses – we definitely want to know about that! Whatever the topic – YOU have a story!

You are welcome to write your story and submit it for posting or if you ave an idea but need help, we’ll be happy to handle the writing. Email womenofageridinghorses@gmail.com.

We are “women of age”, we know stuff. Let’s share!


WARHorses’ Horses Stolen –Help Find River & Yago

We recently posted about the annual Marsh Tacky beach race in South Carolina. Marsh Tackys are an endangered breed with only 400 animals. They are much beloved by their owners for their agreeable dispositions and [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

WARHorse Bobbie Logan Sale is a resident of sunny California, more precisely the megalopolis, Los Angeles. LA does not have a reputation for being a “horse town”, but Bobbie has found a way to enjoy [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

A WARHorse is never “too old” to take up new interests! We’re not suggesting bungee jumping or street luge, that’s just crazy. We are, after all, already riding a half ton creature with its own [...]

Recipe – Cherry Chews for Trail Riders

February is National Snack Food Month as well as National Cherry Month so it’s fitting to post a recipe that honors both - Cherry Power Cookies. These power cookies are packed with antioxidant rich tart [...]

RECIPE – Stormy’s Turmeric Bikki’s for Horses

Pauline Robertson recently commented on a WARHorse post that she baked turmeric biscuits for her senior horses. Several of you asked for the recipe. Please check out “Stormy’s Turmeric Bikki’s Recipe! Thank you Pauline for [...]

Meet Our WARHorse Century Club Inductee

Congratulations to Joanna Baker (76) and Maggie the horse (24) for making the USDF’s Century Club! The Century Club honors a rider and horse whose combined age is 100 +. I believe Joanna is the [...]

She Rode ‘Til the Cows Came Home

Guest Writer, Heather Beachum is a riding coach specializing in online programs to support women 40+ ride with relaxed confidence.  A resident of Virginia, Heather recently embarked on her own confidence building adventure. Kindly, she [...]