Lil Wheat-Free, Lower-Carb Maple Doughnuts

For me, the hardest thing about eating lower carb is the lack of delicious bread. I grew up eating my mom’s fresh-baked bread right out of the oven, so hot the slices were messy and [...]

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When Queen Victoria died in 1901 the pageantry of her funeral spawned a change in Victorian culture toward opulent funeral processions featuring extraordinary ornate carriages and teams.


The shift in funerary practices was actually inspired by the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert for whom she mourned for the next 3 decades.

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WARHorses’ Favorite Horses of Sand and Water

Part of their appeal maybe their lack of permanence. They are not to behold for centuries like the equestrian sculptures of da Vinci or Remington, they are fickle to time. They will soon melt in [...]

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Crazy Horse’s Last Battle – January 8, 1877

We WARHorses are a tough bunch, we love our horses and demand time to spend with them. Crazy Horse was also tough, Chief of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Indians, he was a legendary warrior and [...]

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Trail Riding Duo Captivates Internet

Louis and Comet enjoy spending time together, in fact they’re practically inseparable. Owner, Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer, said she often catches the pair nuzzling particularly after they’ve been out on a ride. You [...]

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This is Your Chance to Witness the Birth of Racing Royalty

Springtime in Kentucky means one thing – foals! This year the public has unprecedented access to foaling with FOAL PATROL! The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame developed this unique interactive web program that allows [...]

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A New Perspective Under-Horse

Those rooftop footsteps overhead may not belong to Santa and his reindeer… …for Andrius Burba the source is more likely a cat, dog or even a horse. Burba, a professional photographer from Lithuania, photographs [...]

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Australia’s 2017 Racing Hall of Fame Inductees – Light Fingers and Saintly

Light Fingers Le Filou x Cuddlesome Her sire was, Le Filou, which in French means “pickpocket” or “thief”.  Her pedigree was impeccable and expectations for her racing career were high. However, those who worked with [...]

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Big Wheels Keep on Turning – FEI Indoor Driving Championships

The fifth leg of the FEI World Cup Driving competition runs December 12-18 in London. Boyd Exell, AUS, is the current leader winning a nail biter last weekend in Geneva after initially being eliminated. During [...]

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Meet Bucking Champion Virgil

John McNeely, 53, has been raising bucking horses on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana since high school.  One of his horses, Virgil, a big 13-year-old grey gelding was recently honored by his cowboy peers as [...]

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California Fires Devastate Horse Communities

More than 200,000 people have been forced to evacuate fires in Southern California. Since Tuesday, four separate fires have consumed 116,000 acres. The largest, the Thomas fire, covers 96,000 acres and is the size of [...]

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Missouri’s Wild Horses Have a People Problem

Visitors entering state or national parks are warned to stay away from the wild animals – don’t pet them, don’t feed them and keep a safe distance. Seemingly obvious advice if one might chance encounter [...]

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Prince Charles Shares Emotional Memory

Prince Harry’s engagement to Megham Markle has been headline news throughout the day. How is Harry already 33 years old? I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday – but I digress. [...]

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Happy Birthday Toulouse Lautrec – An Artist Who Loved Horses

Henri de Toulouse Lautrec was born November 24, 1864 in southern France to an aristocratic family. When his parents separated, Henri went with his mother to Paris. Raised in an environment of privilege, Henri loved [...]

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WARHorses Wants Your Opinion

WARHorses has made tremendous end roads this year, our first full year in business. We have been weaving words into your week with current events, interviews and features covering the horses we love. As storytellers, [...]

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Join WARHorses at White Stallion Ranch

SOLD OUT! We’re going all out Cowgirl – pack your best jeans, bandanas and boots and join WARHorses at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona for a rootin’, tootin’ week of western fun, friends [...]

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The Language Barrier

Written by Candace Wade, Contributor HorseNation.com Or, things they don’t tell you about horseback riding. I began learning to ride a horse in my mid-40s — years ago. Navigating the mysteries of the horse, the [...]

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