Happy Campers Improve Their Eventing Skills

Written by Martha A. Woodham Tropical Storm Alberto arrived in Aiken, SC, about the same time the 20 participants in the USEA Area III Adult Riders Summer Camp did. But did the wind and the [...]

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When Queen Victoria died in 1901 the pageantry of her funeral spawned a change in Victorian culture toward opulent funeral processions featuring extraordinary ornate carriages and teams.


The shift in funerary practices was actually inspired by the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert for whom she mourned for the next 3 decades.

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My Friend Fennel

For a long time I wanted to buy fresh fennel at the store because it looked so nice and smelled so good. But heck, I didn’t know what to do with it. Then one day [...]

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Elephants Find Comfort From Horse Product

Gajraj, spent 70 years as a temple elephant before coming to Wildlife SOS (India) a rescue for India’s working animals. For decades, he walked on hot, unnatural surfaces that gradually led to compromised footpads worn [...]

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Metro Meteor the Acclaimed Painting Horse Retires

Metro Meteor was a fierce competitor at the track winning 8 turf sprints and earning $300,000. After 3 years racing and 2 knee surgeries, Metro was no longer competitive and retired. Ron and Wendy Krajewski, [...]

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83 Years Old and She’s Still Mustering Cattle

BackRoads is an Australian television program hosted by Heather Ewart. The show travels Australia’s backroads visiting remote areas and sharing remarkable, inspiring stories of regular, hardworking folk. The November 26, 2017 episode visited Corryong in [...]

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One of America’s Greatest Olympians Ran Against Horses to Earn a Living

In 1935, at the age of 22, he set three world records and tied a fourth in less than an hour at the Big Ten Track Meet in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sportswriters dubbed it “the [...]

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If Life Hands You Lemons, Make Greek Feta Lemon Chicken Soup

By Loraine Fick When you think hearty, delicious simmering soup, you don’t usually think “this will ready in barely more time than it takes to microwave a burrito!” But this savory soup can be assembled [...]

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Enough is Enough

Dear Appy. My horse has a glorious tail. He seems very proud of it but I worry. It seems the hair is getting too long. In particular it drags on the ground and sometimes when [...]

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Digby – Guiding the UK to New Realms

Mohammed Salim Patel is a journalist for the BBC. The 23-year-old has a degenerative eye condition, retinitis pigmentosa, and needs a guide dog to help him manage, but Patel has a phobia of dogs. Inspired [...]

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WARHorses MUST SEE Videos

Each month WARHorses will post our favorite equestrian videos, treasures we find and share with the hope that they will make you feel good. This month’s collection focuses on INSPIRATION – people who go [...]

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The Beatles Many Encounters with Horses

From Central Park to Aintree Racetree to Missouri’s Ozarks, the Beatles often found themselves in the company of horses giving teenage girls yet one more reason to LOVE the Beatles. The Beatles in Central [...]

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Honoring Black Jack

Black Jack was a feisty 15.1 hand black Morgan/Quarter horse cross born in Kansas in 1947. He was purchased by the US Army in 1950 and sent to Ft. Myer, Virginia in 1952 as a [...]

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This Horse Ain’t a Horse

The old horse skull sat on a shelf at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County for decades. Originally discovered during the Great Depression by archeologist, Mark Harrington, its condition was so well preserved [...]

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You’ve Got the (protein) Balls to Ride

By Loraine Fick I love sugar, just love it, but I try not to eat sugar. For one thing, my blood sugar is a tad out of whack, most likely a combination of advancing age [...]

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There’s No Turning Back – Genetically Engineered Horses are Here

No longer the hyperbolic motto of science fiction, technology has achieved the means to make horses faster, stronger, better. Microscopic proteins target a section of DNA, then cut the strands Cloning experts at [...]

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Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919

On January 15, 1919, a massive tidal wave obliterated Boston’s North End. The deadly wave was not a tsunami wrought from the Atlantic but rather 2.3 million gallons of molasses dumped on the streets when [...]

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