23 Reasons to Hate Rats

I was going to write this post as a “guide” to rats in your horse barn--a few tips to help you determine if you have rats followed by useful suggestions on how to get rid [...]


When Queen Victoria died in 1901 the pageantry of her funeral spawned a change in Victorian culture toward opulent funeral processions featuring extraordinary ornate carriages and teams.


The shift in funerary practices was actually inspired by the death of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert for whom she mourned for the next 3 decades.

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You Can Improve Your Riding While NOT Riding

When you have learned off your horse how your hips and mid-section coordinate you transfer this learning, this improvement, right into the saddle. Do you ever feel stiff and uncoordinated in your riding?  Maybe [...]

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WARHorses’ Favorite Posts from “Ask the Past”

"Ask the Past" is a terrifically zany blog for bibliophiles. Drawing wisdom from antique texts, each post imparts strange advice with a modern zing. These ancient treasures have been exhumed by historian Elizabeth Archibald, who [...]

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The Horses That Rock These Rolling Stones

For over 50 years they have epitomized the glitz and glam and indulgence of rock n roll stars. The Rolling Stones have lived life to the hilt since their first gig at the Marquee Club [...]

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Horses Finally Caught After a Week on the Run

A pair of wily horses have been running loose in Sherill, New York gripping the community with their antics and headlining local news. WEDNESDAY A woman agreed to take in three horses for a family [...]

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The Sandwich Lope

When Western Dressage first established itself, we instructors struggled to describe the requirements of a “working lope” clearly enough for students. We wanted to be sure to differentiate it from the stilted gaits seen in [...]

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Retired Doctor Gets a Surprise “Horse Call”

Dr. John B. Martin, Jr., is a retired country doctor from South Carolina. He grew up on the family’s cattle farm with four sisters and two brothers then went to the Medical University of South [...]

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