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WARHorses has made tremendous end roads this year, our first full year in business. We have been weaving words into your week with current events, interviews and features covering the horses we love. As storytellers, [...]


Mare’s Tails are cloud formations that indicated bad weather ahead for ancient mariners


Today we rely on weather Apps to warn us of bad weather. In the old days people relied on signs provided by nature for forecasts.

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Join WARHorses at White Stallion Ranch

We’re going all out Cowgirl – pack your best jeans, bandanas and boots and join WARHorses at White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, Arizona for a rootin’, tootin’ week of western fun, friends and horses. [...]

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The Language Barrier

Written by Candace Wade, Contributor HorseNation.com Or, things they don’t tell you about horseback riding. I began learning to ride a horse in my mid-40s — years ago. Navigating the mysteries of the horse, the [...]

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O’Keeffe’s Horse Skulls

Skeletons are scary, especially on Halloween when they’re most likely to chase you down a dark street - clackity clack. But not all bones are frightening, in fact they can be quite beautiful. Many famous [...]

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Demented Soul Takes a Hungry Horse’s Ears

How do we wrap our heads around the crazy actions of truly twisted individuals? Sure, it takes all kinds to make the world go ‘round but sometimes people go well beyond the pale. Recent case [...]

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A Taxidermy Tribute to the Horses We Love

When faced with the inevitable most of us decide between burial and cremation for our beloved horses. For some however there is a third option, taxidermy. The practice is centuries old historically relegated to the [...]

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11 Benefits of Owning an Old Diesel

Written by Maria Wachter, Contributor HorseNation.com From the proud owner of an old truck named Mr. Pickles. If you have horses, you probably have a truck. So this should apply to most of you. New trucks [...]

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