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If you can toss slang with a cowboy, you’ll do well on this test. 10 questions – can you answer all correctly?

DRIVING MISS DAISY (moderately easy)
You’ll need to know a little more about driving horses to pass the muster on this quiz.

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Horse owners know that a sense of humor is necessary when you spend time at the stable. WARHorses presents our series of posts on “the lighter side”.

Dear Appy

Who doesn’t need a little relationship advice once in a while? Appy offers a light hearted but commonsense approach to questions from readers…and their horses. Maybe even from a few other creatures. Nothing is off limits!

Then the horse said, “pull my finger”

Dear Appy, I'm really good to my horse. Why does she feel the need to fart at the precise moment I'm grooming her tail or giving her a good scratch? Flatulent Filly Mom Dear Mom, [...]

Can’t Stand the Mount?

Dear Appy, My person takes so long to mount it’s hard standing still. Especially when she puts her foot in the stirrup I rock back or take a step back. She won’t mount when I [...]

History’s Horses

We at WARHorses love bits of history, especially when horses are involved. We dig through the internet’s dusty old shoeboxes to bring you charming, vintage stories about remarkable horses and equstrians from the past.

Crowds See Horse Thief Raced Down

Broadway the Scene and Eleven at Night the Hour. MAD CHASE FOR BLOCKS. The Horse’s Owner Arrived and the Thief Whipped Up the Stolen Bay. March 11, 1899, New York, NY (USA): Joseph Kaiser, [...]

Very Remarkable Horse Surgery

Artificial Breathing for Racehorses by Means of Tracheotomy. Silver Tubes Inserted in Their Throats as Skillfully as in a Human Being. GLASS EYES AND FALSE TAILS. Successful Operations Nowadays Which Make Sick or Broken [...]

Lexicons on the Loose

Ever wonder about the origin of a phrase like “one-horse town?” WARHorses is bringing you a bit of language history to add to your trivia bank. And, who doesn’t want to sound erudite at parties when the conversation wanes?

“Iron Horse”

A horse-drawn tram operated by Swansea and Mumbles Railway, 1870. Originating during Victorian times in Britain, Iron Horse was a phrase of admiration comparing the impressive performance of early traction engines to [...]

“Feeling Your Oats”

Feeling one’s oats describes someone who is energized, enthusiastic even assertive. The phrase was originally used to describe a horse’s energetic behavior after being fed oats. The origins of the phrase are unknown but are [...]