WARHorses Remarkable Equestrians

Her Horse Fell Out of the Trailer at 65 MPH

“I would trade places with her had someone told me what would happen that day.” April Stark knows a [...]

One Woman’s Drive to Help America’s Hungry Children

As young, horse loving girls we dream of the day we have a horse of our own. But our dreams [...]

Woman Runs And Jumps Like A Horse

"In My Opinion..." by Melanie Eberhardt My mother tells a story about my "odd behavior" as a child. She actually [...]

Tim Conway Wanted To Be A Jockey

He grew up in suburban Cleveland, Ohio (USA) with ambitions to become a jockey. He was the right stature, short [...]

Remembering Doris Day

Legendary actress and singer, Doris Day, passed away Monday at 97. We grew up watching her movies “Pillow Talk” and [...]

WARHorses’ Interview with Becky Desmond a Lifelong Equestrian with a Competitive Drive

Becky Desmond, 70, and husband, Jim, a Vietnam vet and career Army man, have a shared love of horses and [...]

Why I’m So Thankful for This Ugly, Old Sweatshirt

By Melanie Eberhardt I still don’t know why she gave me this sweatshirt. I’d seen her wear it a number [...]

This WARHorses’ Childhood Dream Comes True

From the time she was 11, Angela Wood dreamed of riding a horse across America. Over the next few decades, [...]

WARHorses’ Interview with endurance rider Joyce Sousa and LV Integrity

He was tied alongside a trailer at an endurance ride, offered for sale. Covered with sweat, he frantically paced back [...]

WARHorses’ Interview – Milanne Rehor’s Determination to Return the Extinct Abaco Island Horse

Milanne Rehor, 73, has devoted her life’s work toward the return the recently extinct Abaco Island Horse to the island, [...]

Happy Campers Improve Their Eventing Skills

Written by Martha A. Woodham Tropical Storm Alberto arrived in Aiken, SC, about the same time the 20 participants in [...]

WARHorses’ Interview – The Oldest Horse to Finish Tevis

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman--everyone loves a super hero. They possess extraordinary traits, aspire to do good, apply their strengths [...]

Proof That Age Is Just A Number – 66yo Rides the Mongol Derby, Part Four

This is the final installment of Julia Fisher’s 2017 ride in the Mongol Derby. If you missed the previous [...]

Proof That Age Is Just A Number – 66yo Rides the Mongol Derby, Part Three

Welcome to Part 3 of Julia Fisher’s 2017 Mongol Derby race adventure, a 4 part series Julia has penned [...]

Proof That Age Is Just A Number – 66yo Rides the Mongol Derby, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of Julia Fisher’s 2017 ride in the Mongol Derby. If you missed Part One, you’ll [...]

Proof That Age Is Just A Number – 66yo Rides the Mongol Derby, Part One

We WARHorses know that our age is just a number and not a milestone that determines our ability to [...]

WARHorses’ Interview with Jane Heart Jewelry

She did not intend to start a business, she simply couldn’t find a horse head belt buckle she liked, [...]

Little America: Big Impact

There’s no denying that WARHorses love their horses, mules and donkeys.  Some of us grew up with horses then stepped [...]

She is Determined to Bring These Horses Back from the Dead

WARHorses recently posted about the Abaco Island Horse a breed that became extinct in 2015. We introduced Milanne Rehor, President [...]

Horses are No Fan of This Actor

Actor, Cloris Leachman turns 92 on April 30. Leachman grew up in the Midwest (Des Moines, Iowa) but was never [...]

“The Fillies” of Nova Scotia – Horse Lovers, Trail Riders and Lifelong Friends

There is a group of women in Nova Scotia, Canada who regularly ride together. That’s not so unusual. Many of [...]

Retired Doctor Gets a Surprise “Horse Call”

Dr. John B. Martin, Jr., is a retired country doctor from South Carolina. He grew up on the family’s cattle [...]

83 Years Old and She’s Still Mustering Cattle

BackRoads is an Australian television program hosted by Heather Ewart. The show travels Australia’s backroads visiting remote areas and sharing [...]

One of America’s Greatest Olympians Ran Against Horses to Earn a Living

In 1935, at the age of 22, he set three world records and tied a fourth in less than an [...]

The Beatles Many Encounters with Horses

From Central Park to Aintree Racetree to Missouri’s Ozarks, the Beatles often found themselves in the company of horses giving [...]

The Southeastern Schooling Show Championship: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

By Martha A. Woodham According to organizer Penny Morse, the inaugural Southeastern Schooling Show Championship at Georgia’s Bouckaert Farm in [...]

Crazy Horse’s Last Battle – January 8, 1877

We WARHorses are a tough bunch, we love our horses and demand time to spend with them. Crazy Horse was [...]

Trail Riding Duo Captivates Internet

Louis and Comet enjoy spending time together, in fact they’re practically inseparable. Owner, Emma Massingale, a professional horse trainer, said [...]

Prince Charles Shares Emotional Memory

Prince Harry’s engagement to Megham Markle has been headline news throughout the day. How is Harry already 33 years old? [...]

The Last Horse to Die Offers Life for Others

Most of us have lost a horse. The circumstances vary but the result is the same, our precious horse is [...]

Hands Down the Toughest Frontier WARHorse That Ever Was – Stagecoach Mary

I must admit that once in a while I indulge in a pity party for myself. Oh my god, I [...]

The King of Rock n’ Roll Loved Horses

Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935 and died on August 16, 1977. The King’s cultural legacy lives on through [...]

Women of Age Racing in the Mongolian Derby

Its time again for the Mongolian Derby – the world’s longest horse race. This year 36 competitors, 12 men, 24 [...]

The True Story Behind This Viral Video

You’ve have probably seen the video; millions have around the world. It became a viral sensation circling the globe but [...]

John Wayne – Hollywood’s Greatest Cowboy

Born May 26, 1907, Marion Robert Morrison would grow up to become one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars,  John Wayne. [...]

Mittie Dailey Rides Again at 104 Years Old

Mark Twain said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Such [...]

Rodeo Whirlwind – Emma “Pee Wee” Burge

Emma “Pee Wee” Burge Ott was born in 1919 in Giswil, Switzerland. At the age of 9 her family immigrated [...]

The Derby’s First Female Jockey – Diane Crump

Someone was going to be the first, the first woman jockey. In 1964, a petite 16-year-old dynamo received her license [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

WARHorse Bobbie Logan Sale is a resident of sunny California, more precisely the megalopolis, Los Angeles. LA does not have [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

A WARHorse is never “too old” to take up new interests! We’re not suggesting bungee jumping or street luge, that’s [...]

She Traveled a Hard Road to the Top of the Hill

When you love what you do, you find a way to make it work, such is the case for Nicole [...]

She Made a Big Splash in Atlantic City

She was born in Waycross, Georgia in 1904, one of six kids. When she was 20 her mother saw a [...]

Three WARHorses to Inspire Your Weekend Ride

Riding horses when you’re “of a certain age” can be a bit unnerving but we do it because we love [...]

Horse Power in the Motor City

Detroit, Michigan is known as the “Motor City” a moniker earned by the many automotive companies established there. The first [...]

Russia’s Horse Powered Holiday

There are many varieties of merry characters spreading good cheer around the world during the holidays. Once such holiday figure [...]

She Could Have Picked Any Horse, But She Chose This One

When her husband offered to buy her a horse, it might have sounded like a fairy tale come true for [...]

Trail Riding Hobby

If you enjoy camping with your horse at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area (LBL) in western Kentucky and [...]

The First Cowgirl – Lucille Mulhall

She was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1885 to Colonel Zack and Agnes Mulhall. Four years later the family [...]

A Determined Woman’s Life in the Spotlight – Therese Renz

Written by Lorraine Jackson and reposted with permission from HorseNation.com Some photos are so captivating, they can instantly evoke a [...]

Meet Our WARHorse Century Club Inductee

Congratulations to Joanna Baker (76) and Maggie the horse (24) for making the USDF’s Century Club! The Century Club honors [...]

Grand Prix Gold Medalist Dunn It Her Way

Rita Dunn is a busy grandmother living in Tennessee.  Her horse, D Grande Finale stays at a friend’s barn but [...]

She Rode ‘Til the Cows Came Home

Guest Writer, Heather Beachum is a riding coach specializing in online programs to support women 40+ ride with relaxed confidence.  [...]

2400 Years Ago the First Woman Won an Olympic Event

The society of ancient Greece (800 to 146 BC) cultivated a demeaning role for women. Women were seen as objects [...]

Solving the Mystery of WARHorse’s “Mona Lisa”

The Louvre has the “Mona Lisa” the Da Vinci portrait famous for that enigmatic smile. Many of you have asked [...]

Woman Dedicates Life’s Work to Honor War Horses

After WW1 there were thousands of horses that survived military service for Britain. Quarantine restrictions prevented the horses from being [...]

She Didn’t Want to Sell Him but She Did

Have you ever done something then come to regret it? You had that gut feeling but reasoned yourself out of [...]

Tough Girl Just Wants to Have Fun Playing Polo

Sue Sal Hale wanted to play professional polo at a time when women were not accepted. Sue Sal found a [...]

The Hard Road to Hollywood – Alice Van

Alice Van (Alice Grace van der Veen) was a professional rider from the age of 16. She first performed at [...]

How Old is Too Old to Win the Kentucky Derby?

On May 3, 1986, 54-year-old Willie Shoemaker, aboard 18/1 shot Ferdinand, won the Kentucky Derby. Before he rode Ferdinand in [...]

Charley Parkhurst Was One Tough – Fella?

Being a whip (stagecoach driver) in the 1860’s was a harrowing occupation. Days were long, terrain difficult, passengers and horses [...]

Crazy Horse Lady or Saavy Business Woman?

It should come as no surprise that some horse people maybe considered a bit crazy. I prefer to describe us [...]

Meet the “Mad Max-ine” of Harness Racing

Kerryn Manning (39) from Australia is the Mad Max(ine) of harness racing! A trailblazer since winning her first race at [...]

“The Ride” of a Lifetime Opens Doors for Women

In 1974 Christine Windover learned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were accepting applications from women for the first time. [...]

America’s Oldest Cowgirl

When Connie Reeves was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2002, she didn’t think she was deserving. [...]

Brit Equestrian Holds Olympic Record

I can’t wait for the Rio Olympics to being! The Olympics are a terrific venue of sportsmanship and competition. I [...]

The Amazing Woman behind Israel’s Therapeutic Riding Program

British-born, Anita Shkedi is the pioneer of therapeutic horse riding in Israel. She is recognized internationally for developing riding programs [...]