WARHorses is the only equestrian publishing entity dedicated to the concerns and interests of “women of age” around the world.

 Globally, 60% of horse owners are women age 40+

90% of WARHorses are women age 40+

WARHorses engages our active, horse-loving community with its unlimited content agenda. We are not associated with a specific breed, riding philosophy or equestrian sport. We enjoy the latitude to generate content that is, of course horse related but expands to include art, theater, lifestyle, family, fashion, history, mythology, science, DIYs, architecture and travel. The things we “women of age” enjoy.

We maybe “women of age” but we are not “aged women”. We are active and dedicated in our pursuits of all things horse. We want the best for our animals and ourselves. We’ve worked, raised families and are now making the best of a little “me” time enjoyed at the stable.

WARHorses is a growing community. We want to develop advertising relationships that benefit both our membership and business partners. We are just getting started and want your business to grow with us. We offer a variety of platforms and price points to suit your marketing plan.

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Melanie Eberhardt

Photography Courtesy Sweet Fresno Photography