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Bolting Horses Stopped in Their Tracks

Today’s installment of WARHorses “History’s Horses” regales courageous actions set against the classic 20th century confrontation – horse versus automobile. Harvard Street, 1910 RESCUE THREE IN MOTOR CAR CHASE OF RUNAWAY PAIR. Mrs. Theodore Metcalf and Daughter Owe Lives to Brave Officers. Boston, MA,1910: By pressing an automobile [...]


  • Caroling on Horseback

Horseback Carolers Herald the Holiday

The holiday season is upon us, colorful lights brighten evening commutes, pine wreaths welcome us at every doorway, ornaments and [...]

  • California Fires

Thoroughbred Community Helping Their Own

People around the world are finding ways to help Californians. Many in the Thoroughbred community are working to specifically help [...]

FEI’s Best Groom 2017 – Alan Davies

Congratulations, Alan Davies, 48, Head Traveling Groom for Carl Hester. Alan has travelled the world tending Carl’s top horses, Uthopia, [...]

WARHorses Member’s Posts

WARHorses’ Horses Stolen –Help Find River & Yago

May 8th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorses’ Horses Stolen –Help Find River & Yago

We recently posted about the annual Marsh Tacky beach race in South Carolina. Marsh Tackys are an endangered breed with [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

April 18th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

WARHorse Bobbie Logan Sale is a resident of sunny California, more precisely the megalopolis, Los Angeles. LA does not have [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

April 5th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

A WARHorse is never “too old” to take up new interests! We’re not suggesting bungee jumping or street luge, that’s [...]

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When Ford designers were considering names for their new sports car, it was suggested the car be named after the P-51 Mustang airplane


However, the name was originally rejected because marketing thought the name Mustang was too closely associated with aircraft. The name was proposed a second time drawing a correlation to horses.


WARHorse Business Affiliate

Ageless in the Saddle for Women becomes our first WARHorse Business Affiliate!

Heather Beachum teaches riders to find ease and confidence in the saddle. Trained as a Feldenkrais® movement teacher, Heather’s online classes have guided hundreds of riders around the world to become quiet, effective riders. Heather’s mission is to help you create the life you want with your horse…a life that you deserve. WARHorses is excited to welcome Heather as a WARHorse Affiliate; Ageless in the Saddle for Women.


Heather is co-hosting a retreat with an Epona facilitator in Costa Rica in January, “Trusting the Horse Human Connection” is an opportunity to learn how to give and take control of  your horse in a loving way, build trust, establish boundaries and explore the energy of leadership, dominance and companionship from the horses’ point of view.

This workshop is limited to 10 riders, to inquire or make reservations, CLICK HERE.

The WARHorses Business Affiliate program is an opportunity for businesses to partner and collaborate in service of “women of age” around the world. If your business offers services, goods or content for our wonderful demographic, we hope you will consider becoming an affiliate. Email for more information: womenofageridinghorses@gmail.com.


Please share you favorite indispensible equestrian reference with other WARHorses. Send a link to: womenofageridinghorses@gmail.com and we’ll add your suggestion!

If you horse is missing or stolen or you find a wayward horse. Contact your local police department first. Then contact NETPOSSE.COM. They are a non-profit organization that will take you by the hand and guide you in your search.  We suggest everyone regularly visit their site and fb page to study photos of missing horses. You might be the one to recover a missing horse and how cool would that be to help someone else?

This is a great reference for WARHorses looking for places to trail ride and camp with their horses. Horse Trails Across America is the #1 trail riding resource on the Internet. Each location includes detailed descriptions including; cost, amenities, terrain, trail footing and difficulty, photos and comments from equestrians who’ve “been there, done that”. Their FB page are posts from riders out and about!