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I Quid You Not

Today maybe April Fools Day but this post is about a condition that is no laughing matter. I first encountered quidding when my horses became senior citizens. I began to noticing wads of twisted hay strewn about the pasture. What in the world? Were these wads the handiwork of some [...]

Tips to Care for Your Tall Boots

WARHorses who ride english likely have a pair of tall boots. They’re great for lessons and necessary for showing. Finding [...]

WARHorses Quiz I Knew That #2

Our first "I Knew That" quiz was such a hit, we've created another. Take the quiz and test your [...]

WARHorses Book Review – “Bound in Flame”

Sent to boarding school to temper her impetuous actions, Letty returns home to Hawaii with a big splash. Leticia Lili’uokalani [...]

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Two Horses Buried in Manure Recovering Slowly

March 4, 2020, Massachusetts (USA): It took nearly two hours to dig two neglected horses out of stalls filled with [...]

16 Horses Die After Eating Blister Beetles

Recently a Wisconsin horse farm lost 16 horses and more than 100 others showed signs of distress after eating blister [...]

Diminutive Drama – 72 Miniature Horses in Limbo

In June 2018, Shirley Kittleson, a 72 year-old veterinarian in rural Minnesota, received a call from the local Humane Society, [...]

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WARHorses Enjoy Life & Having FUN

Crowds See Horse Thief Raced Down

Broadway the Scene and Eleven at Night the Hour. MAD CHASE FOR BLOCKS. The Horse’s Owner Arrived and the [...]

Very Remarkable Horse Surgery

Artificial Breathing for Racehorses by Means of Tracheotomy. Silver Tubes Inserted in Their Throats as Skillfully as in a [...]

Tragic – Horribly Mangled By A Hollywood Car

January 4 1908, Hollywood, CA (USA): Miss May Duffy, Mrs. W.A. Clark's Maid, Fatally Injured While Riding Along Sunset Boulevard. [...]


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