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Horse Treats 101 – Good Choices for Your Good Horse

This past Sunday I worked in the yard. I mowed, weeded, transplanted bee balm, cleaned the barn, scoured the water tub and brushed the horses. I did a lot and by golly, I deserved a treat. I went to Bruster’s Real Ice Cream and enjoyed a double scoop,  orange sherbet [...]

Mr. Ed – if talking to my horse was this easy!

How well do you and your horse “speak”?

Do you work/train to improve communications with your horse? Liberty Training? Parelli Training? Round Pen Training?

Join our newest discussion!


Sometimes we need a little more from a discussion than what a FB post can offer. Equestrians Anonymous (HorseNation.com) and WARHorses have partnered to provide just such a platform. If you have a good story to share, need advice or can offer someone else a helpful word, please join us. Its easy.

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It’s that simple! Please join us at WARHorses at Equestrians Anonymous — the reins are in your hands.


All the Queen’s Horses – a Week of Indulgence

Surely the Queen’s cup runneth over when it comes to horses, particularly this week. In a seven-day window the Queen [...]

The Queen and Prince Philip Out Horsing Around

The Queen, 91, and Duke of Edinburgh, 96, had an unexpected “free day” and spent it at Windsor castle with [...]

Trooping the Colour – Celebrating the Queen’s Birthday

Saturday, June 17, beginning 10 AM, London time Since 1748, Trooping the Colour has been the official commemoration of [...]

WARHorses Member’s Posts

WARHorses’ Horses Stolen –Help Find River & Yago

May 8th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorses’ Horses Stolen –Help Find River & Yago

We recently posted about the annual Marsh Tacky beach race in South Carolina. Marsh Tackys are an endangered breed with [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

April 18th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorse Spotlight – Duo Dedicated to Community Service

WARHorse Bobbie Logan Sale is a resident of sunny California, more precisely the megalopolis, Los Angeles. LA does not have [...]

WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

April 5th, 2017|Comments Off on WARHorse Spotlight – Taking Aim at a New Equestrian Challenge

A WARHorse is never “too old” to take up new interests! We’re not suggesting bungee jumping or street luge, that’s [...]

True or False?

Free roaming horses on the island of Vieques are regularly shot per government mandate.


But its not what you think. Officials have teamed with the Humane Society and developed a 5-year program to dart contraceptives into mares to manage the herd’s numbers.


Read about the program and other initiatives to improve the quality of these island horse’s lives!

Latest Caption Contest Winner

Congratulations Caption Contest Winner Dory Rose!

Dory received a “Boss Lady” zip bag for her winning submission.

WARHorses Favorite Videos

Ken Hobday is 90 years old. He took up endurance riding when he retired at 71 ricing in Australia’s Quilty – 24 hours and 160km. This telecast is from 2014 but one of our WARHorses commented that she knows Ken and he’s still riding.

NO THANKS! These brave souls traverse the South Rim of the Grand Canyon by mule. Georgia Redmond and her husband riding up from Phantom Ranch in 2014.

The WARHorse Shop Reopening Soon!

The WARHorse Shop will reopen soon with many new products for our horse loving community, including this sweet zip bag to hold those small items – rubber bands for braiding manes. Makes a smart addition to any tack box or grooming bag!

Stay tuned for the Grand Reopening!




Please share you favorite indispensible equestrian reference with other WARHorses. Send a link to: womenofageridinghorses@gmail.com and we’ll add your suggestion!

If you horse is missing or stolen or you find a wayward horse. Contact your local police department first. Then contact NETPOSSE.COM. They are a non-profit organization that will take you by the hand and guide you in your search.  We suggest everyone regularly visit their site and fb page to study photos of missing horses. You might be the one to recover a missing horse and how cool would that be to help someone else?

This is a great reference for WARHorses looking for places to trail ride and camp with their horses. Horse Trails Across America is the #1 trail riding resource on the Internet. Each location includes detailed descriptions including; cost, amenities, terrain, trail footing and difficulty, photos and comments from equestrians who’ve “been there, done that”. Their FB page are posts from riders out and about!