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Her Horse Fell Out of the Trailer at 65 MPH

“I would trade places with her had someone told me what would happen that day.” April Stark knows a thing or two about horses having been around them most of her life. She’s passed her love of horses on to her daughters and coaches their 4H equestrian drill team. [...]

WARHorses Quiz

Venus of Berekhat Ram Man has been creating art since prehistoric times. It has been our steadfast [...]

The Enduring Equestrian Engravings of Albrecht Durer

Unless you’ve studied a bit of art history you’ve probably never heard of him but he was a successful artist [...]

WARHorses Product Review – Great Gut from LVPerformance

We WARHorses know that our horses are precious and delicate beings. They appear large and strong but size and strength [...]

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Space Force’s New Horse

Vandenberg Air Force Base is a massive 99,600 acre (40,306 hectares) facility located along  the California Coast. It is also [...]

Frightened Horse Refuses to Leave Burning Barn

July 23, 2020; Bucks County, PA (USA): Two police officers risked their lives to save a frightened horse from a [...]

Police Welcome Foal

June 14, 2020, Wickford/Essex county (UK): On morning patrol two officers of the Essex Police Basildon Community Policing Team, PCSO [...]

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WARHorses Shop ProductLaura L. from Texas was chosen our random Show & Tell Tuesday winner. Laura won a “Proud to Be a WARHorse” lapel pin!

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WARHorses Enjoy Life & Having FUN

“Iron Horse”

A horse-drawn tram operated by Swansea and Mumbles Railway, 1870. Originating during Victorian times in Britain, Iron [...]

Crowds See Horse Thief Raced Down

Broadway the Scene and Eleven at Night the Hour. MAD CHASE FOR BLOCKS. The Horse’s Owner Arrived and the [...]

Very Remarkable Horse Surgery

Artificial Breathing for Racehorses by Means of Tracheotomy. Silver Tubes Inserted in Their Throats as Skillfully as in a [...]


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