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WARHorses Quiz “I Knew That – Basics”

There is so much to learn about horses, a life time's worth of learning, something new every day. We WARHorses (Women of Age) have been around a while, we've learned quite a bit about the horses we love - right? Let's find out! We invite you to take our [...]

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Legendary Horseman Share Expert Knowledge and Secrets including Linda and Pat Parelli, Jec Aristotle Ballou, Paula Curtis, Mary Wanless, Karen Rohlf, Alice Trindle and many more!

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The Cleveland Bay Horse Makes History at Colonial Williamsburg

Visitors to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, are transported back in time to America’s 18th century capital. The town is a living [...]

WARHorses Book Review: The Breath of Horse Crazy

“The thought of horses changes my spirit; inhaling their sweet aroma, fingers pulling softly through silky tail hair, my [...]

Rare Golden Zebra Photographed In The Wild

Visitors to Serengeti National Park Tanzania, Africa will see zebras, a lot of zebras. They are one of the most [...]

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WARHorses’ Interview with Becky Desmond a Lifelong Equestrian with a Competitive Drive

Becky Desmond, 70, and husband, Jim, a Vietnam vet and career Army man, have a shared love of horses and [...]

WARHorses’ Interview with endurance rider Joyce Sousa and LV Integrity

He was tied alongside a trailer at an endurance ride, offered for sale. Covered with sweat, he frantically paced back [...]

WARHorses’ Interview – Milanne Rehor’s Determination to Return the Extinct Abaco Island Horse

Milanne Rehor, 73, has devoted her life’s work toward the return the recently extinct Abaco Island Horse to the island, [...]

WARHorses’ Interview – The Oldest Horse to Finish Tevis

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman--everyone loves a super hero. They possess extraordinary traits, aspire to do good, apply their strengths [...]


Decisions, Decisions: Thoughts for New and Returning Mid-life Riders

By Karen McPeak I worked at a tack store a couple of years ago when a customer, probably in her [...]

Horse Health: Epiglottic Entrapment Took Out the Derby Favorite

Kentucky Derby favorite Omaha Beach scratched just a few days before the big race. Due to a fairly uncommon condition [...]

Safety Tips for Riders Caught in a Lightning Storm

A single bolt of lightning can be hotter than the surface of the sun reaching 1 billion volts of electricity. [...]

WARHorses Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Colors for You and Your Horse

"I told you to get me a Hunter Green blanket!" When your horse disapproves of your color [...]

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Molly

August 7, 2019 Calgary, Alberta (CAN): The 50th Annual Pioneer Acres Show did not disappoint featuring horses, carriages and heritage [...]

Injured Donkey Stranded On Island for Years

August 5, 2019, Mariposa County, California (USA): An injured wild donkey has been stranded on a small island on Lake [...]

Mule Wanders into Airport Terminal

July 24, 2019 Tel Aviv, Israel: Miniature horses at the airport are an unusual sighting, some working as therapy horses [...]

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  • Dear Appy WARHorses

Can’t Stand the Mount?

Dear Appy, My person takes so long to mount it’s hard standing still. Especially when she puts her foot in [...]

The First Horse Show Held on an Ocean Liner

A Horse Show on an Ocean Liner January 1911, Atlantic Ocean - New York (USA) to London (UK): A [...]

  • Dear Appy WARHorses

Concerned About Birds

Dear Appy,  My barn has a lot of windows, they provide great lighting and a way for the breeze to [...]